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FastMail Direct is an online service that helps companies efficiently manage and execute their direct mail marketing campaigns. Launch a direct mail campaign from a desktop computer or tablet in minutes.

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FastMail Direct is an operating division of Seagate Direct in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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We assist North Carolina law firms by advertising their professional services in a timely fashion to potential clients in need of immediate representation. Using the latest in data cleansing techniques, state of the art direct mail production equipment, and print on demand mailing services, we reach prospects first.

We work with our customers to assemble turnkey programs to generate a consistent and reliable flow of new clients. Targeted direct mail is the single most effective way to grow your firm.

Existing attorneys can visit the client portal by clicking the button below.

Custom Direct Mail Campaigns & Lists

This is a service whereby we email our customers a targeted mailing list each morning that contains near real time recipients of citations for violations in North Carolina. The mailing lists that we provide are utilized to send direct mail for advertising legal services. Based on the offense types you would like to target and the county(s) where your firm operates, we will deliver a mail merge ready mailing list to your practice via email early every morning (365 days per year). We only deliver complete records with full name and address information, county, salutation, offense type and description, court date, and case number. All of our records are Delivery Point Validated and CASS certified by the United States Postal Service on a daily basis. These data cleansing and validation processes ensure delivery of your important message. Because we compile our data each day specifically to be used for direct mail purposes, we use advanced change of address tracking techniques to find citation recipients where they receive mail, not necessarily at the address recorded on their citation. We guarantee the deliverability of our data and will buy back return to sender mail.

Target North Carolina citation recipients who need representation. Using our Daily Court Data and your personal letter and offer, we print and fulfill mail 5 days per week. FastMail Direct will handle the data targeting, direct mail printing and fulfillment, First Class postage application, and expedited delivery to the USPS mail stream. Our attention to detail, prompt service, data validation techniques will ensure your message arrives at the soonest possible time after citation issuance. Free up your office staff and let us handle your daily mailings.

We make it easy and you can count on your mail being printed and mailed early each morning. Since we opened our doors, we have never missed a day of production. If the post office is open, we are printing letters.

Our expedited mail delivery exclusively uses First Class hand stamps. With 100% uptime, we've never missed a day of mailing. Our turnkey price includes list, letterhead, envelopes, printing, postage, and fulfillment. We use thick 70lb letterhead and large heavy envelopes, print in color, and offer multiple stock colors. No contracts or obligations.

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FastMail Direct offers a comprehensive solution for weekly new mover direct mail marketing campaigns. Our goal is to help you reach new homeowners by implementing an automated direct mail program that immediately connects with potential new customers within your retail trade area.

With our "set it and forget it" approach, you can be confident that your message and offer will effectively reach new movers and new homeowners during their decision-making process. Our proprietary automated new mover software enables marketers to effectively target and engage with new movers.

New movers are particularly receptive to trying new brands, making purchases, and changing service providers. They tend to spend significantly more on products and services in the first few months after their move.

By utilizing FastMail Direct's automated new mover and new homeowner program, you can achieve hyper-targeting, multiple touches, and an ongoing marketing campaign that generates a consistent stream of profitable new customers. With our weekly or monthly automated mailings, you won't miss out on the opportunity to attract new customers who are moving into your neighborhood.

Whether you're a home services provider, a retailer, or a dentist, our services can assist you in driving new customers to your business on a regular basis.

Automated New Movers

Other Services

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FastMail Direct offers multiple specialized direct mail marketing services

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Direct mail works. Plain and simple. It is one of the only purely measurable forms of advertising available. In today’s world of advertising and marketing, direct mail is the least intrusive and most trusted form of active media. FastMail Direct offers turnkey direct mail programs for professional service businesses who market to consumers. We have access to a vast selection of consumer targeting demographics, psychographics, and near real-time transactional intelligence that allow you to only focus on the consumer most likely to purchase your product or service. If you are looking for a mailing list or a turnkey direct mail campaign, call or email us today and allow us to reach your target market. We will assemble a disciplined, stable, and consistent direct mail program on your behalf that you can rely on to drive new customers to your business.