Mailing Templates
FastMail Direct Mail Gets Opened!
We specialize in making mail look personal. Most of our mail pieces include a hand stamp which increases envelope open rates.
Customize Your Templates
If your company uses direct mail as an integral part of your marketing strategy, FastMail Direct will host your corporate branded mail pieces online as customizable templates that multiple individuals or offices within your company can access.
We will set up your mail pieces as editable templates.

Control messaging with corporate approved mail piece templates. We will setup as many mail piece template versions to your account as you’d like.

Already have a template you love?

We will set up your proven and responsive mail pieces as corporate templates inside your customer portal. We can upload an unlimited amount of customizable templates to your account.

Customize your
templates for each mailing.

You or your associates can quickly customize templates with as little as clicking a single dropdown. Our developers can limit or expand the level of user customization on each mail piece. Our user customization tools allow for text and color editing, image editing, along with what fields variably populate.

Manage your team’s access.

We can securely control access to mail piece templates based on divisions, branches, or office locations.

High quality production.

FastMail Direct uses the highest quality paper stock for our mail pieces. In addition, 100% of our mail is generated from full color variable data-driven print.

Multiple style and size options
We can accommodate a host of different sizes and styles of mail pieces. Some of our mail piece styles include, but are not limited to:
4 x 6-inch glossy postcard on 130lb cardstock
5 x 7-inch glossy postcard on 130lb cardstock
6 x 9-inch jumbo glossy postcard on 130lb cardstock
8.5 x 11-inch professional letter tri-folded in a #10 envelope
with a hand stamp
5 x 7 inch bi-folded greeting style card in an A7 envelope with a hand stamp
5 x 7-inch card inserted in an A7 invitation style envelope with a hand stamp
Ready to get started?
We would love to customize your account to meet your direct mailing needs.